About your Host

Welcome to Dairy Free Daydream. My name is Grant; I love food, and I cannot eat dairy. Because it is increasingly difficult to discern what does have dairy in it, I found myself leaning more and more to my own kitchen in order to eat the foods I want to eat. There is no reason for you to not enjoy foods solely because someone else makes it with dairy. My wife has become very cautious about the time AFTER we get home from a restaurant from going out to eat.  I have a tendency to see foods I cannot eat while we are out, and then come home and make a whole batch of some cookie, or suddenly have a cake coming out of the oven.


I remember as a child having to eat carob chip cookies and put lactaid enzyme drops on my pizza. Those drops do not taste very good, and everyone should take an opportunity to try them at some point in their life to appreciate the experience. You are here because there is a way to enjoy the foods you want to eat. What I have found as I continue down this path is that the safest way to be able to do this is by working with raw ingredients as much as possible. The fewer things I eat that say, “may contain trace amounts of dairy,” the better my week goes.


So, I think about food a lot. The only problem is that many recipes I am drawn to often have some dairy component to them. Finding the recipe only marks the beginning of how to make something. The victory is when you have recreated that key component, finally make the dish, and people can’t tell the difference.


The kitchen is an extremely well utilized part of our home. My wife and I both cook, bake, grill, smoke, caramelize, sauté, you name it. However, I am the only one in the house unable to eat dairy. We have two wonderful, rowdy boys (not sure boys come any other way), both under the age of five. They are already by our side in the kitchen as much as we can make it so. I have found it my default way of dealing with difficult mornings to say, “who wants to help with making muffins?” Children can’t measure flour and throw toys at the same time.


I was taught about cooking and baking in what I think of as the traditional method: standing on a chair in my mom’s kitchen. I love you dad, but outside of pancakes (we’ll come back to that very soon) and micro-waved scrambled eggs, that was and has forever been, mom’s kitchen.

Interestingly enough, the first thing I learned how to make in that kitchen was a cheese sauce (we’ll also come back to that soon). Flour, butter, milk, cheese, MAGIC!


About the Site

This site is geared towards enjoying food that has no dairy in it. That said, wheat free and vegan living often share common ground with dairy free food choices, so there will definitely be foods posted for these life styles. You may want to roll up your sleeves and get acquainted with your kitchen, because we are going to be spending some time in there.


I want the site to be a multi-use tool for those who either need or want to eat dairy free. I want people to eat this food and have the feeling that they GET to eat this way, not HAVE to eat this way. Some things are easy, and others take a little more finesse. I want these foods to feel as accessible to you as they are, because that can make such a huge impact on successfully enjoying living dairy free.


There will be a beginners block section, as not everyone is coming from the same history or experience, and I think everyone has room for review. This may have things as simple as defining a term, along with hints on how to get a meringue just the way you want it (mmmmmm, pie).


So, are you ready to start living the daydream? Let’s do it!

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